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Many Happy User Peaks

I wrote this blog post in august 2012, but somehow I forgot to post it. At the start of 2014 I wish every one many happy user peaks and wisdom in creating them…

Recently I have been involved in converting a business intelligence (dashboard) web application. Making it more suitable for tablets and other mobile devices. This offers a great opportunity to talk about this great image of Kathy Sierra:


Of course the location of the “Happy User Peak” will differ for every person. The message of the image however is very clear: limit options and features!

When constructing an application for mobile devices you’ll need to limit the features and options even further and make it really really simple for your users. They don’t want menus, toolbars, lookup textboxes, lists in combo boxes to choice from.

They just want to click and swipe to investigate the tables and charts presented in the dashboard.



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