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DWH Deck 2.0: Step 3 Publish the jobs to create the SQL Statements and BIML Files

The DWH Deck is a simple tool that allows you to build and maintain your data warehouse better and faster.

In previous blog posts we created connections and jobs that describe the source to target mapping. In this blog post we’ll examine the effects of publishing the jobs.

  • Click Publish on the menu bar
  • Check the created files in (default location:) C:\in2bi\DWHDeck
  • Check the created tables and stored procedures in the NorthwindDW1 database.



In this step we examined the effects of publishing the jobs: The SQL statements that are executed and the BIML files that are build.
In the next post I’ll describe how you create SSIS Packages from these BIML files.

Overview of the DWH Deck 2.0

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