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DWH Deck 2.0: Step 4 Create SSIS packages from the created BIML Files

The DWH Deck is a simple tool that allows you to build and maintain your data warehouse better and faster.

In previous blog posts we created connections and jobs that describe the source to target mapping. In this step we will build SSIS packages from the published BIML files.

To create SSIS Packages from BIML files you need to install Bidshelper. This is a free and popular add-in for SQL Server Data Tools (the successor of the Business Intelligence Development Studio)

To create the SSIS Packages for the BIML files we created in step 3 we’ll need to:

  • In Visual Studio create a new Integration Services Project with the name: SSIS NorthwindDW1
  • Make sure the ProtectionLevel of the project is set to DontSaveSensative. Right-Click the project and select properties to change this property.
  • Right-Click SSIS NorthwindDW1 in the Solution Explorer. Select Add and Existing Item…
  • Select all the files in C:\in2bi\DWHDeck\Create BIML Package using Shift and next click Add
  • Select the BIML files under Miscellaneous in the Solution Explorer. Right-Click and select Generate SSIS Packages.

Test the created packages:

  • To import the data using the SSIS Packages: Right-Click the MasterPackage.dtsx and select Execute Package
  • To import the data using the stored procedures: Right-Click the MasterProcedures.dtsx and select Execute Package


In step 1 – 4 we looked at the basics of the DWH Deck. We created staging tables, stored procedures and SSIS Packages to import the data from the source system.

In the next blog post we will take an in-depth look at the templates

Overview of the DWH Deck 2.0

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