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DWH Deck 2.0

In  my presentation at the DWHAutomation conference in Amsterdam on 20.09.2012 I gave a demo of the new version of the DWH Deck: DWH Deck 2.0. Here are the slides of that presentation:

This new release is now available for interested parties.
(If you are interested send me an e-mail:

The DWH Deck is a simple tool that allows you to build and maintain your data warehouse better and faster. The basic idea is best described by looking at the input and the output:


  • Meta data that describes the the source object
  • Templates that describe target table and load pattern
    (I have provided 9, but you can change these and add additional templates)


  • SQL Statements to create target tables and additional objects,
  • SQL Statements to create stored procedures to load the data
  • BIML Files to create SSIS Packages that will handle the data load

In these blog posts you’ll find additional information:

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  1. ozzie avatar

    when will we be able to download this ?

    ozzie — april 18, 2013 6:09

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